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Earlier this year I enthralled people who follow my content with the on-going story of how my closest friend was beginning to pay attention to the world and see what was going on, questioning the liberal paradigm and seeing what it was the dissident right was trying to say. It all started with a bad relationship that had a lot of bad friends whose insistence that their mental illness be celebrated that made him start saying “wait a tick”. As he began to go down the rabbit hole, I stood by, contextualizing what he was learning and giving him sources or works to check out. After one conversation, he finally learned the truth of who I am, what I represent, and what I believe.

This journey he took generated a lot of interest from people who were looking for lessons in it, to see if there was maybe ‘one weird trick’ I employed that would win people over to our side. I had toyed with the idea of releasing our conversation as a podcast, but to protect his identity I decided against it. Instead, I asked for some questions that people were curious to have an answers to, and sent them to my friend.

I present to you the results of that interview below

From Abdallah de Bourgogne

Q) It might be a tough question to ask, but did you feel manipulated (by Borzoi that is)? I’ve noticed people use ‘it’s just your politics talking’ as a defense mechanism, and the problem is they’re right.

A) In short, no.

Borzoi and I have had a long running joke throughout our friendship that “Borzoi is almost always eventually proven right.” (much like The Paranormies, hmmm…) He has always been the first person I approach with hard questions/choices. He has always given sound advice, which I usually noticed as sound, and still blatantly disregarded because I am hard headed and seem to prefer learning things the hard way. And I would always come back and tell him he was right and I should have listened to him. My journey started after some major life events. I went through some hard times, and really should have taken Borzoi’s advice. I don’t really regret my decisions, I learned a lot from those experiences and I am stronger for having been through that adversity. Nevertheless, I was at a point where Borzoi’s precognitive and deductive abilities had proven themselves time and again, and I was prepared to finally start listening to the guy! We have both helped each other through extremely hard times, and consider each other best friends and brothers in arms. I will admit that I got occasional creeping suspicions that we were both being duped somehow, but again, I know how thorough Borzoi is, and I trust his intellect as much as his friendship, so these feelings were quickly and easily brushed aside. After recently meeting other people who think and feel the same way, I don’t have those suspicions anymore.

The spoonful of sugar is TRUST. We have been brainwashed so thoroughly that it is necessary, because these truths are bitter indeed. There were so many things I did not want to believe or accept, regardless of the evidence. I was afraid I might be becoming something that I’ve been told my life is the worst evil, but then I t’d think “Yeah, but Borzoi’s not crazy, or evil, maybe everything I know is wrong…”

The truth has to be administered by someone the receiver trusts more than their own understanding of reality. 

One more thing. The Socratic method is the best way to teach anyone anything. Ask questions and let the person figure things out for themselves. People have a deeper trust in ideas they come to themselves.

Borzoi acted more as a guide, and presented me with evidence without any opinion attached to it. He kind of nudged me past plateaus and made sure I didn’t get too sidetracked… I got kind of stuck on Ben Shapiro early on, and he was there, ready to BTFO that slimy little mouthpiece of controlled opposition.

From Cain of Adam

Q) Do you recall the ‘moment’ when it just clicked? I honestly couldn’t tell you when that was for myself, but I do often wonder what that person was thinking or going through.

A) I think there were many steps along the way, but the biggest one was when Youtube showed me RedIce. It was one of Lana’s short videos. I watched a few more, and then messaged Borzoi “I think Lana Lokteff has me sold on White Nationalism.” This is when he finally admitted to me that he was part of the dissident right.

Pro-white, or anti-anti-white is a smooth entry point. It’s like getting into the shallow end of a warm pool vs. diving into a cold lake.

From Zottman Cure-alls

Qa) What was the first piece of the puzzle?

Qb) Which piece was the hardest to accept?

Qc) Has he changed his lifestyle (e.g. diet/exercise) in response? If not, why not?

Aa) Short answer, meeting and talking to a couple of gender non-binary weirdos. My girlfriend at the time had started to fall deep down the RadLib rabbit hole, and introduced me to some of her friends, making sure I ‘honored’ their pronouns. I was so confused. I’m quite the Luddite, so was totally blissfully unaware that they even existed. Fortunately I happened to be hanging out with Borzoi at the time and he introduced me to Jordan Peterson, who was just then coming into the limelight. This was when he had something interesting to say, before he completely embraced being a gatekeeper that only wanted you to wash your penis.

Like anything in life, simple cause and effect is just too neat and clean to be a realistic answer. There were a number of things that formed a web that I eventually realized I was trapped in and finally needed to get out of. But meeting those non-binary freaks IRL was probably the moment a small piece of my brain became cognizant. I was always as apolitical as I could possibly be. If people asked, I said I was libertarian, because I just wanted to be left alone. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Individualism is no defense against the incessant J-Left propaganda machine, and I fell for a lot of insidious ideas. Their lifestyle seeped into my life and a year later I was broken-hearted, broke and totally lost. I retreated again to the fringes of society, determined to rebuild myself and finally figure out what the hell I was doing with my life.

Ab) The hardest piece to accept was that I WILL (make no mistake about it) lose and alienate friends and family members. At the moment, I’m underground and undercover. But there will come a time when I have to stand up for who I am and what I believe. And I will probably lose people dear to me.

But for all the people I lose, I know I will have new people come into my life. I look forward to being a part of a real community for once. I’m ready to start making it a reality. As much as I hate to lose people from my old life, I care too deeply about the greater good of our people and know I need to build a world that is worth handing off to my descendants.

Ac) Absolutely. I’ve always been a health nut so that hasn’t changed much. But financially, I may as well have been morbidly obese. But for the first time in my adult life, I have a savings account with some weight to it, and I am extremely close to paying off the last of my debts. I also have a much healthier view on relationships and what I want out of one. I make better choices and just generally give more of a shit. I am extremely focused and have made great strides in a short time with my career and life goals.

From CircAnger

Qa) What are you looking to learn more about?

Qb) Could you have reached this current state without Borzoi in your life?

Qc) Is the path you took still open, or have have the stepping stones (resources) been hidden/censored/re-prioritized in searches?

Aa) I think I want to really know more about the JQ throughout all of history. I actually studied history in college and focused on ancient cultures and the biblical tradition. I think this is the most important thing to understand because when we can show that this is not a modern phenomenon, but a persistent aspect of Judaism, it will galvanize resistance. I also want to learn about the history of usury and how modern finance capital actually works, because that is how these people hold power and that seems to be what we need to (metaphorically/ideologically) attack.

Ab) Not as quickly. I have a feeling I would have spent more time on Shapiro, and more time on Molyneux tier stuff. I may very have plateaued at AmRen and Red Ice for a very long time before finding TRS tier stuff. AmRen and Red Ice are great, of course, but they obviously don’t attack the JQ hard enough. And as Mike Enoch says, the JQ is the absolute most important thing to work on.

Ac) Unfortunately that path has been pretty successfully washed away. Youtube has sterilized itself pretty well and twisted its algorithms so thoroughly that the Youtube rabbit hole has been successfully filled. That is unfortunate because video is a very quick and easy way to learn things. Being dyslexic, I often prefer it. I read tons, but it takes a long time. On the positive side, I think we managed to hit a certain critical mass of ‘new recruits’ and now the DR has enough of an infrastructure to build from within and start challenging mainstream narratives. Eric Stiker’s National Justice is great, and I expect more things like that to start popping up. I think maybe we have enough strength to at least begin planning grass roots initiatives. In fact, being kicked offline seems to be getting DR folks out into RL and meeting with each other and forming communities. That is something I am going to focus on for 2020. A recent story from National Justice mentioned that DR sites are getting more traffic than ever, and that the Youtube rabbit hole was not the fault of the algorithm, but actually caused by the fact that people searching for this stuff. The powers that be are losing their grip even as it tightens, and people are beginning to see through the veil, at least to some degree.

From Reimu’s trick

Q.) At what point did you fully break the conditioning and become positive towards NS and AH? IMO most youtubeskeptic types who go on an “ideological journey” spend the longest time going down retarded sidequests specifically to avoid reconciling with that ultimate evil boogeyman.

A) As mentioned above, Borzoi’s main role was that of a quasi-spiritual guide. He kept me from veering too far off the path. This is very important to keep in mind. They have to walk this path themselves. I know Caleb Cain was probably just a GayOp, but I could see this happening for real. If people are pushed into the DR they can be pulled back out. It has to be their choice, their reality, their journey.

As far as NS and AH, you can thank Striker for that. His debate with The Rebbe was a knockout. And simultaneously, the TRS guys and talking to Borzoi made me doubt and question all of the Holocaust narratives. Being at that point and then hearing that debate sort of sealed the deal.

From Woodshop

Q) I’d like to know how your view of the future has changed. Not just the positive vs. negative, but perhaps predictions as well.

A) I’m not going to make predictions for positive vs. negative. I’m sure many thought they had finally won, even until the bitter end. I’m hopeful, but that’s it.

I mentioned the phrase ‘critical mass’ above. I think this is absolutely pivotal. I’m certain that we do not need to convince all white people, and I am not the first to say this, obviously. To move up to each successive level of power there is a certain critical mass of people that is required. It’s a bit amorphous, since all power groups are constantly losing and gaining followers, but in the end what matters is getting more people on board than before until we are strong enough to make our next move.

We could have the best propaganda, smartest intellectuals, strongest leaders and best tactics. But if we don’t have a minimum amount of people, that won’t do anything. Conversely, we could gain a majority ideologically, and still be utterly destroyed, whether by lack of singular direction or by infighting.

The Spartans were the dominant force of the ancient Mediterranean because they had both strength and will. The phalanx was a great fighting system, but its a great fighting system because you have to be invested in it. Spartan soldiers were financially invested in being soldiers, but also ideologically invested. They were proud citizens, a proud race. They gave enough of a shit to go to the gymnasium and train like mad. They cared enough about the man next to them and their wives and children and home to fight with absolute discipline. Conscript soldiers of large empirical armies didn’t match Spartan forces with similar fighting techniques because they couldn’t.

We are fighting a cultural and philosophical war. Politics will only get us so far. Political talk is great to gain that first level, reach that first critical mass, and I think we are almost there. But politics is limited in its abilities to reach people, and highly masculine in its spirit. The next step is going to be to build a culture. We have political and intellectual leaders, some great ones. What we need next, is artistic leaders. We need more than memes. We need things that are fundamental to the human condition; song, dance, art, architecture, philosophy and religion. Some of this is impossible now, but our cultural leaders need to start laying the groundwork so that when our political leaders gain enough power we are ready to hit the ground running.

Also, for Old World Whites (Europe), I think they can to some degree fall back on their old traditions. New World Whites (America, Australia, Canada, etc.) don’t really have that luxury. Borzoi talks about this. Even if the Norman Rockwell 1950’s white utopia existed (which it probably didn’t) we can’t return to that. Too much has changed. We need to move forward, just in a way that holds true to fundamental values and aspects of humanity. Traditional values persist because they speak to a deeper part of us. Liberalism is the denial of our own humanity and that is why it is the enemy.

5 thoughts on “Questions From the Underground”

  1. I can tell you as a brit that most of our traditions have essentially died and our identity reduced to mere stereotype, and so in that regard the elites have engendered new world whites in the old world. In so far as the majority of the anglosphere goes, where america goes, we follow, (sometimes vice versa if they’re testing some new strain of pozz to inflict on society).


  2. Point of historical fact, the Spartans were shitty people and spoiled cowards who only put down serf uprisings and couldn’t manage to win a war against any other Hellenic power without bringing in the help of a foreign power. You’re thinking of phalanx armies of free citizens like that of Thebes, which crushed the Spartans at the battle of Leuctra.


  3. It’s not about post but about your tweet about russian AIDS in Ukraine. It’s done specially.
    1. All condoms in Russia “magically” cost 2-4 time more than in Finland for example and young russians can’t afford them living in poverty and not young too tbh. for many it is choice between 3 condoms and food for day.
    2. No education about this danger in schools, instead Orthodox Christianity classes.
    3. ZOGGOV does everything to spread: silent in media for many years, no laws against active infected people who hide it, no collecting data about infected, no normal treatment for infected.
    4. Most russians don’t even know about it. When you tell average russian that Russia is number 1-2 by AIDS in the world he answers “you are crazy, if true Health Ministry would already notified us all”. It’s really scary.


  4. Ni hau Borzio, so Amerika published that Bug eating peace but as satire under the title “eat the bugs, biggot” cause in the end even the most europhile muricans are still muricans. So hit me back up if you want a serious engagement with that topic cause you can’t tell me pinetree gang wants stoneage warband culture and shyes away from eating a grub.
    PS found your respons mail in the spam folder and i send you something with the original article in response so maybe you check your spam folder too.


  5. PPS
    yeah by the way the articles on amerika org under that pseudonym that wrote the eat the bugs bigot piece are all from my feather too maybee you wanna check em out


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