What Brit Slouches Towards Bethlehem To Be Born

The following post is a largely unedited version of a post I made on Salo Forum in response to a news article that revealed the FBI had documents on Lord Mountbatten’s lust for boys. I will be rewriting this post and the next one I make into a larger series called The Beasts of Britain for American Sun. That series will expand on this more with a stronger academic focus and a pared down version of the forum black humor and over-the-top Anglo bashing.

The more the secrets of the British Empire come spilling out the more I begin to wonder if the British looked admiringly toward the model of the Ottoman Empire and wished to emulate in it. This was my initial thought in typing what I thought was going to be a brief but nice effort post. Instead here’s this sprawling insanity. I no longer think they wanted to be the Ottoman Empire but to surpass it in ways that we could never imagine in our darkest of imaginations. This whole effort has left me broken and shattered and you can trace the actual decline in my mental state through the entire post. I will never be okay again.


The relationship between the British and Ottomans is interesting. You see an extremely love-hate relationship between Britain and the so-called “orient” which in this context are the territories that at that time constituted the Ottoman Empire. It’s an extremely complex situation of wanting to be like them, to destroy them, to emulate them, to supplant them among some segments of British society. The Ottomans capitulated to the British more than any other European power except the Dutch whom they tied with (three times). The British sided with the Turks in the Crimean War. Lord Palmerston considered the Ottomans an essential counterbalance. One could of course just look at this as perfidious Albion, knowing how to play the long game in order to grab those juicy possessions once the inevitable fall and dissolution of the Ottomans came (and they played that well), but one cannot help but wonder how much an admiring spirit of Orientalism the British aristocracy had for the Ottomans, their decadence, and their access to young boys.

Take Lord Byron, whom we can call a early Orientalist or a proto-Orientalist. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know. We know for certain that he was bisexual and a possible pederast (his relationship with Nicolo Giraud is debated but Jerome Christiansen seems to make some implication about his relationship with boys), and there are rumors of an incestuous relationship with his half-sister, but I raised an eyebrow when I found out that he may have been advanced upon by his mother’s suitor when he was sixteen. As an Orientalist, Byron referred to himself as such and dressed the part and painted. He had been interested in the Ottomans, Persians, and Sufi Islam as a child. He was self-aware however of the Western sentimentality that went into it all when he commented on the success of his Turkish Tales. Byron’s proclivity for homosexual and pederastic acts intermingled with his Orientalism, making him the godfather of all of this in my view. Louis Compton is the source for much of this, and he claims that Byron was eager to go on his Grand Tour for these purposes. At the very least, his time in Constantinople is known to have been spent seeing the dancing boys several times. As we know, Lord Byron lost his life fighting for the Greeks in their war for independence. I wondered about his in the context of Orientalism but then discovered that in 1809, Byron visited Ali Pasha of Ioannina during his Grand Tour that led him to Constantinople. Byron had extremely mixed feelings about this Oriental Despot who also managed to cause problems for the Ottoman Empire, a man who also had his own harem of men and women and whom it is rumored Byron had a sexual relationship with. This is pure speculation on my part but I wonder if Byron saw Ali Pasha as an older verison of himself. The disposition seems eerily similar.

Ali Pasha was suspected of being power hungry and he was supposed to be deposed. He forged an anti-Ottoman alliance of various Greek and Albanian groups. Ali Pasha’s rebellion in part helped feed the fire of the Greek uprising against the Ottomans. Despite the failures of his rebellion, Ali Pasha went down fighting, refusing to surrender until he was shot and beheaded in 1822. Upon hearing of his death months later, Byron mutely remarked “a brave man but an infamous tyrant” The conclusion Drummond Bone drew from this was in reading Byron’s quote “the Asiatics are not qualified to be republicans, but they have the liberty of demolishing despots, which is the next thing to it”, sees a tenuous figure in Ali Pasha as better than the Ottomans. I can’t help but think Byron had Ali Pasha on his brain when he was fighting for the Greeks. Perhaps Byron engaged in the most ostentatious lovers’ quarrel fitting someone of his disposition, or saw the need to one-up the man he saw much of himself in.

Call it the Orientalist’s Dilemma, and one that seems to plague certain echelons of British society. What Byron represents shockingly seems to play out over and over again throughout history. Britain was the site of one of the largest Orientalist artistic movements in Europe in the 19th century. John Frederick Lewis practically idolized Ottoman Egypt.

Nicholas Tromans writes in The Lure of the East, British Orientalist Painting on Lewis that his paintings depict:

“the harem as a place of almost English domesticity, … [where]… women’s fully clothed respectability suggests a moral healthiness to go with their natural good looks”

And one, of course, cannot forget Richard Burton, possibly the greatest orientalist of the 19th century and from whom Europe learned much about the Islamic world. Burton’s sexuality was long-shrouded in rumor. In addition to rumors of general homosexuality, English society was scandalized by Burton’s fixation of the sexual practices of what they called the Orient, calling the Arabs “A Race of Born Pederasts”. There is apparently some fluidity to this term at the time, pederast, as in French it is just a synonym for homosexuality. Just really goes to show how it’s assumed that if you’re homosexual then you’re into young men and boys. I call it extracurricular homosexuality. But this is neither here nor there. It’s been well-known this problem in that part of the world with pederasty and an Englishman engaging in a bit of cultural flexing over another land is nothing new. What is interesting, and perhaps peculiar you might say, is just how much Burton lingers on this and how he did. Burton translated 1001 and Nights in a subscribers-only edition. Burton’s version was not meant for wide release. It was not meant to be seen by the average person. It was published *for* the Kama Shastra Society, a secret book club that Burton founded to get around the Obscene Publications Act. The name Kama Shastra refers to the Indian tradition of works on sexual desire (same root as Kama Sutra, which Burton also translated). If you try searching around for information about the Kama Shastra Society, you’ll find next to nothing.

Maybe it really was just a porno book mail order list.

But then when you look into another group, an ostensibly more serious publicly academic group, that Burton founded, you begin to wonder if it really was just a porno book subscription service. Burton founded the Anthropological Society of London in 1863 as a breakaway from the Ethnological Society of London. The two would merge back together 8 years later but what I find so intriguing here is the political make-up of the ASL. The ESL was overwhelmingly Liberal. The ASL was overwhelmingly *Conservative*, if Wiki is to be believed. They cite George Stocking’s Victorian Anthropology for this. They also cite this book, which credits the split coming down to, among some things, the ESL’s acceptance of Darwinian theories which makes sense that the Conservatives would be against that at the time. I’m taking this detour down to the Anthropological Society and away from the Kama Shastra Society momentarily because in doing my research I came across something about Burton’s ASL that wasn’t cited in the Wiki and doesn’t appear to be in many books.

According to Matt Cook in London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885-1914, Burton’s Anthropological Society of London had a sub-group called the Cannibal Club (of which he was a member).

“The Cannibal Club–a sexually libertarian but reactionary sub-group of the Anthropological Society of London–wrote, collected, and translated a range of erotic literature. Members categorised sex and collated sexual experience rather as the soexologists did. They showed little reticence in describing extremes of sexual behaviour, and whilst Ellis felt a political imperative to normalise, deviance was their stock-in-trade.”

I cannot stress how difficult it is to find information about the Cannibal Club, understandable given its secret society nature. Sex, Time and Place: Queer Histories of London, c.1850 to the Present says this of it:

“A body such as the Cannibal Club…was a members-only purlieu of elite males. Lisa Sigel has characterized the members’ interests as combining ‘imperialism, sadism, and sexism’…Like the Anthropological Society, the Cannibal Club was an all-male group whose focus on male-male desire largely centered on the overlapping issues of homoeroticism, homosociality, and homosexuality. It provided an excellent opportunity for its members to investigate several forms of homosocial relational bonds, falling along a sexual spectrum that ranged from hetero- to homosexuality, including flagellation and masochism”

I cannot stress how skeptical I am of some of the speculations that are made by these people who have investigated the Cannibal Club as it easily falls under the hermeneutics of gay suspicion. I cannot stress how little I trust a name like Lisa Sigel. But this stuff isn’t coming out of thin air and we *know* Burton was interested in this stuff and we *know* that the Cannibal Club functioned just like the Kama Shastra Society, engaging in the publication of pornographic materials to an elite group of people to pass around hush-hush.

Which brings us back to Kama Shastra. Burton translated the Kama Sutra for it. He translated 1001 Nights with a 14000 word essay, originally titled “Pederasty”, now called “The Terminal Essay”. (Incidentally, the Arab world has historically preferred poetry over prose and has never had a high regard for 1001 Nights. Orientalist Europeans are way more obsessed with it and its sexual aspects. I have no evidence for this at this time, but I suspect that the 1001 Nights, as a holistic work, is more Western construction based on Arabic folk tales that has been built upon over centuries. Take from that what you will.) This essay has long dogged Burton’s reputation and legacy because of his frank discussion of homosexuality and pederasty in it. If you read the work, it doesn’t make a distinction between the two as some people in the modern age have tried to do. I’ve pulled some choice quotes from it. No doubt I misrepresenting Burton.

“Before entering into topographical details concerning pederasty, which I hold to be geographical and climatic, not racial, I must offer a few considerations of its cause and origin. We must not forget that the love of boys has its noble, sentimental side. The Platonists and pupils of the Academy, followed by the Sufis or Moslem Gnostics, held such affection, pure as ardent, to be the beau ideal which united in man’s soul the creature with the Creator.”

Burton consistently couches his frank discussion and interest in this subject under the veil that “but the Ancient Greeks did it too and you read them”. I would argue Burton’s  obsession with writing about pederasty, finding it every culture, making sure the English elite are aware of it, intellectually defending the practice, starting secret societies to publish works about this that aren’t for the eyes of the general public, seems to be a bit of vested interest. But what do I know. This is only the guy who translated the Perfumed Garden, an Arabic-language sexual manual whose final chapter is about pederasty. Burton never completed the final chapter in the first publication and withheld it, but was working on a re-release *with* the final chapter when he died. His wife burned it. Go figure.

Burton’s interest in this is so thorough that in that 14000 words Pederasty essay, and remember this is supposed to be a translated collection of Arabic tales, that he posts a place called the Sotadic Zone where pederasty is prevalent and celebrated and he basically centers it on the Mediterranean Zone largely in North Africa and the Middle East, India, China and the Far East, AND the New World. Basically everywhere that Anglos wanted to conquer. This creates a chicken-egg question I wish had never popped into my head. Did these Anglos conquer the world to get to what was already an abundance of catamites or did the Anglos invade the world in order to create the market of catamites by projecting their fantasies of endless pederasty onto everyone else? I hesitate to answer this.

I will note, coincidentally, that the American writer Williams S. Burroughs was very deep into Anglo roots himself, had some perverse affinity for Orientalism, a pederast himself who lived in the home of a man who procured boys and men for Americans and Englishmen, wrote luridly of pederasty, in a place called the Interzone which was basically Tangier, part of Burton’s Sotadic Zone. Take from that what you will.

I’ve written so much on Burton, so much more than I intended to do on this essay on British Orientalism and its relation to decadent homosexuality but I’ll try to wrap him up and move onto others. In addition to these secretly published works,in Abeokuta and the Camaroons Mountains (1863) Burton himself writes of African men:

“The Abeokutan, when taken at his best, is tall and well made, ‘black, but comely.’ When not so, he is hideously chimpanzee-like. The male figure here, as all the world over, is notably superior amongst the lower mammals, to that of the female. The latter is a system of soft, curved, and rounded lines, graceful, but meaningless and monotonous. The former far excels it in variety of form and in nobility of make, in strength of bone and in suppleness of muscle and sinew. In these lands, where all figures are semi-nude, the exeeding difference between the sexes strikes the eye at once. There will be a score of fine male figures to one female, and there she is, as everywhere else, as inferior as is the Venus de’ Medici to the Apollo Belvedere.”

Look, I’m hesitant to make implication noises because I despise how perverted our dialogue has become from the hermeneutics of gay suspicion, but I’ve already shown you a large body of evidence and that large body of evidence indicates that Burton had an interest in large bodies of blacks. And others have noted just how much Burton lingers on near homoerotic descriptions. I have nothing else to say about Burton himself but I will note some things about Burton’s coterie and members of Burton’s Cannibal Club:

  • James Campbell Reddie, the homosexual who wrote the gay BDSM that Sellon illustrated. The Wiki relates a story of how Reddie’s landlord seduced a 15-year old boy with Reddie’s help. Possible writer of the gay porno The Sins of the Cities of the Plain which has the line “the pederastic game pays so well, and is quite as enjoyable”.
  • Richard Monckton Milnes, 1st Baron Houghton, a Conservative male feminist who crossed the bench to the Whigs to side with Lord Palmerstone, the man who considered the Ottomans an essential counterbalance and was an extreme hardliner on fighting the Crimean War wherein the British sided with the Ottomans against the Russians. Milnes also had the largest collection of pornography in Britain and possibly authored the Rodiad. The wiki implies it’s just simply a poem about erotic flagellation, but it’s actually about the joy one gets from whipping young boys on the ass. So more pederasty. Oh! And he was also one of Algernon Swinburne’s earliest champions who is going to round out this rogue’s gallery.
  • Frederick Hankey, military man and connoisseur of pornography. Some interesting facts about Hankey. He was born in Corfu, Greece in 1823 when it was under the British protectorate and was apparently half-Ionian himself (his mother’s name Catterina Varlamo, which to me sounds like the Venetian minority but who knows) and the son of colonial administrator Sir Frederick Hankey. Coincidentally (and I’m not being sarcastic this is a funny coincidence), Lord Byron arrived in the Ionian Islands the same year. Hankey shared the same taste for the sadomasochistic erotica as his friends. Hankey spent much of his life in Paris, dying there as well, so much so that he was encountered by the literary duo the Goncourt brothers who had this to say about him (quoting from Grumpy Old Bookman):

“a madman, a monster, one of those men who live on the edge of the abyss.’ Through him, they wrote, they had a glimpse of ‘a terrible side to a wealthy blase aristocracy — the English aristocracy — who bring ferocious cruelty to love and whose licentiousness can only be aroused by the woman’s sufferings.”The personage of Frederick Hankey really stuck with the Goncourts. They’d met Hankey when both brothers were still alive and had written about them in their journal starting in 1862. They had suspected that Hankey had had an influence on Gustave Flaubert (a French Orientalist and sex tourist who had also engaged in pederasty) and they continued making occasional references to him up to the point that Edmond included Hankey as a character in his novel La Faustin that he wrote 12 years after his brother’s death and 20 years after they first met Hankey. The character, George Selwyn, was a composite of Hankey, Swinburne, and historical politician George Selwyn (whom BBC History called ” a necrophiliac, gay transvestite“) and is explicitly called sadistic by Goncourt. Driving home just how much of a insane rabbit hole this has become, La Faustin was pederast Oscar Wilde’s inspiration for Sibyl Vane in Dorian Gray as Wilde knew Edmond Goncourt (also note the reference to Swinburne in that link). The novel La Faustin has a scene where the Hankey composite George Selwyn points out two homosexual cocks in a yard. Oscar Wilde loved it.

And that whole GOB post is well-worth reading in all honesty as he catalogs the complete monster Frederick Hankey was (and remember, this guy is friendly with most of these other guys): in addition to just being a general porn fiend Hankey took two girls for him and his friend to have sex with at a public execution, wished to own books bound in human flesh, told Richard Milnes (yes that one) he wanted to see a girl hanged and wanted the skin of her backside tanned so he could bind a copy of Marquis de Sade’s Justine in it, was promised by Richard Burton (YES THAT ONE) that he’d get him the skin of a black woman, was admired by Algernon Swinburne for his pornography collection (he was quite enthused to meet him), and went to a brothel to flag 13 year old girls. The hits just keep coming.

  • Henry Spencer Ashbee, the person I’ve mentioned the least but is from whom we’ve received a lot of this information as he was the pornographic bibliographer and man of letters that help tie all of these men and their deeds together. Despite (or unsurprisingly?) being a pornographer he grew more conservative as he aged. His wife was Jewish suffragette and his son was a Jewish homosexual socialist. After dealing with a monster like Hankey, Ashbee’s main sins appear to be being a pornographer with horrendous friends and have a conservative’s typical control over his family life. Unless, of course, Ashbee is the long-rumored author of My Secret Life, a purported sexual memoir of a Victorian gentlemen. I’m not going to link to the only copy I could find as it’s vile. The first chapter recounts his first sexual encounter as a child with a nursemaid with the rest of work appearing to include depictions of pederasty and seemingly every fetish this person could think of judging by the table of contents. Even if Ashbee wrote it, some scholars are skeptical it’s even a non-fictional work (I saw one suggest parody) which just gets into the whole problem of trying to pretend the thing you actually want to do is just an ironic thing you’re doing. I’m absolutely astounded at the depths of depravity in this project I started.
  • Charles Duncan Cameron, a soldier and British consul who apparently has no record of sexual debauchery. I only note him because we are talking about very prominent, powerful, and connected men. Cameron was in the same society as all of these men I’m laying out and had served with distinction in the Crimean War, receiving medals from the Turks for his service.

All of that, all of that right there was King of the Orient Richard Burton and his BFFs. Utter insanity.

After this motley crew we can talk about T.E. Lawrence. I hesitate to even do so. I’ve been working on this for hours and Lawrence is honestly worthy of his own thread full of effortposts. What is there to say about T.E. Lawrence that hasn’t already been said and covered? He played his role as a stooge for British Orientalism undermining the Ottomans by coordinating the Arab Revolt. The revolt, of course, didn’t have the results Lawrence and his Arab allies were hoping for thanks to Perfidious Albion’s secret Sykes-Picot agreement and the public Balfour Declaration pretty much guaranteeing that the Arabs would only see shaft after shaft. That work was in since the 19th century though.

Again, because ALL of this is tied together in the duality of British Orientalism, it is important to note that the same Lord Palmerston who was extremely incessant on propping up the Ottoman Empire as a counterbalance also wanted the Ottomans to let the Jews settle Palestine. This occurred in 1840, when in the middle of the Egyptian-Ottoman War, the Ottoman navy all defected to Muhammad Ali, leaving the Ottoman Empire in a state of total collapse. Europe intervened to cobble the Ottomans back together. Muhammad Ali had already occupied Palestine seven years previously in the last war, now the Ottomans having effectively collapsed meant that those lands would soon be up for grabs and the French were licking their chops. It was time for Britain to do its thing and make all of these forces converge and Lord “Respect Ottomans” Palmerston began to tack more pro-Zionist due to the insistence on his son-in-law, Lord Shaftesbury whose Christian Zionism was a precursor to America Zioboomerism.  The level at which Zionism’s history is British is frankly ridiculous. Look at the timeline of Zionism and how various British people are vastly overrepresented in getting the Jews to move to Ottoman Palestine and for the Ottomans to let them. Behind every Jew is an Anglo, I suppose. The man whom Lord Palmerston succeeded as Prime Minister, Aberdeen, I should note, was a co-founder of the Palestine Association, one of the first organizations to agitate for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

These are the currents that T.E. Lawrence was working against. I can’t help but feel the most for Lawrence out of all of these characters. Lawrence seems to be the only one who isn’t completely infused with a miasma of despicability that is impossible to peel off. I believe Lawrence truly did care for his Arab allies and their aspirations. But with that said we do need to talk about some things. Because as much as Lawrence was more genuine than all of the rest, he is still a British Orientalist and all of these recurring themes begin to recur here as well. Lawrence was a masochist, and flagellation once again returns, a vice so prevalent among the English that the French term vice anglais denotes gay flogging. One of the most famous episodes of Lawrence’s career, his rape at Deraa by Turks, has been proven to be fake and likely the product of a lurid fantasy. Lawrence was warm with an Arab  boy named Dahoum to the point it weirded the other Arabs out though his companion Leonard Woolley stresses that Lawrence was puritanical and chaste in this regard. Richard Aldington, the first man to really do damage to Lawrence’s reputation with an iconoclastic biography, called Lawrence “an impudent pederast” but other than the Dahoum episode Lawrence’s sexuality has been a large topic of debate because it does seem like you have on the one hand very real desires he has that he expresses in fantasy but on the other hand kept a firm puritanical hand on it outside of the flogging. However Lawrence did write this peculiar passage in The Seven Pillars of Wisdom:

“The Arab was by nature continent; and the use of universal marriage had nearly abolished irregular courses in his tribes. The public women of the rare settlements we encountered in our months of wandering would have been nothing to our numbers, even had their raddled meat been palatable to a man of healthy parts. In horror of such sordid commerce our youths began indifferently to slake one another’s few needs in their own clean bodies — a cold convenience that, by comparison, seemed sexless and even pure. Later, some began to justify this sterile process, and swore that friends quivering together in the yielding sand with intimate hot limbs in supreme embrace, found there hidden in the darkness a sensual co-efficient of the mental passion which was welding our souls and spirits in one flaming effort. Several, thirsting to punish appetites they could not wholly prevent, took a savage pride in degrading the body, and offered themselves fiercely in any habit which promised physical pain or filth.”

Take that for what you will in the wild and wacky world of British Orientalism.

I’ve already written 5000 words on this topic and it really feels like I’ve probably only scratched the surface on all of this. One should mention Aleister Crowley though, as a peculiar case of when the Orientalist focuses way more on sex and magic like a gluttonous nerd. Mr. Crowley, what went on in your head? Possible father of Barbara Bush, aggressively bisexual power bottom, hedonistic and irresponsible occultist who thought L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons were the dangerous shitheads for trying to create a magical unborn child called the Moonchild, and borderline retarded fed and intelligence agent for the British government. So the dude is already hooked up with powerful people and has all of these connections, now I just need to rattle off the Orientalism and pederasty.
The man wanted to be Richard Burton. Need I say more?

Crowley spend two years in Algeria (once again, part of the Sotadic Zone of his idol Richard Burton) doing magic and having gay sex. I don’t feel I need to add to that. Crowley so thoroughly idolized Burton that he did an over-the-top defense of sodomy and pederasty modeled on everything Burton wrote. Crowley then spent some time in Tunisia doing magic and having pederastic sex. I don’t feel I need to add that. Oh, Mr. Crowley, did you talk with the dead? Your lifestyle to me seems so tragic. Crowley built upon the British Orientalist’s lurid and pornographic fascinations with the perceived foreign sexuality and mysticism that had tantalized the men of his caste for the last 100 years and simply took it to the next level. It ultimately reached its apotheosis in that Tunisian desert with a British aristocrat engaging in magical, mystical pederasty with a boy named Muhammad.
So I guess now I should talk about Mountbatten.

British Orientalism would appear to have sputtered and died given the way men like Mountbatten mismanaged the rest of the empire, but it’s been a roaring success. It is no longer policy but an assumed reality. Everything else is now superfluous. No entities need exist when the whole world now bends towards one destiny: a brown English speaking world of sodomites and pederasts who have been put here on earth to protect the Inner Jerusalem of the Jews and to build their own Outer Jerusalem. If I continued to look I could pile on more evidence but look at all this. Look about you! Everything has perfectly converged to this point, built step-by-step by the British Orientalists, the British Christian Zionists, and the intersection of imperial pederasty that runs through all of it.

So when I see this thread about Mountbatten and his own proclivities it really does just complete the picture. The last Viceroy of India, the final centurion of the Orientalists. Why wouldn’t Mountbatten have had a predilection for young men? Why wouldn’t he be content for his wife to have relations with brown men? Why wouldn’t he squander the last of the possessions? The mission is done. The British boarding school system, its clergy, and its aristocracy inculcated for centuries the various spirits of pederasty, Zionism, and Orientalism, looking ever back toward the East for the destiny that was rightly theirs. That spirit drove them first west to the New World until the Americans rebelled and cut off the westward path to the East. Instead they had no choice but to play the long game until they could take and conquer was rightfully theirs at the center of the world as they spread the Anglo Imperium to every corner of the Earth, seeking every people and every part that would finally complete them. Do I sound insane to you?

Return to Blake. He is England’s poet and he spoke in prophecies. His works were called the prophetic books.

And was Jerusalem builded here,Among these dark Satanic Mills?
– And did those feet in ancient time

Spectre of Albion! warlike Fiend!In clouds of blood & ruin roll’d:     
I here reclaim thee as my own
My Selfhood! Satan!
armd in gold.
– Jerusalem, The Emanation of the Giant Albion

His poems were the Anglo Revelation. You needed only listen.

This is an Anglo world and we’re all its brown rentboys.


7 thoughts on “What Brit Slouches Towards Bethlehem To Be Born”

  1. You’re like a gentile Heinrich Heine…… “why you make coffin so big?” “because I’m going to fill it with all my love and suffering”

    Keep up the good work. I’m digesting this instead of Dennett’s latest book. Your interview with Arktos was extremely impressive too.


  2. Just about all of the things you state happens to be astonishingly appropriate and it makes me ponder why I hadn’t looked at this in this light previously. This article really did switch the light on for me personally as far as this particular topic goes. Nevertheless there is actually 1 issue I am not necessarily too comfy with so while I attempt to reconcile that with the actual central idea of your issue, allow me see what all the rest of the visitors have to point out.Nicely done.


  3. Do you think the reason why so many of these British higher-ups were complete degenerate fetishists because the British Empire could have been thoroughly in Zio hands? My reasoning being that they created these people and installed them in positions of power to serve Zio interests. Like the Pedowood stuff where child actors who were sexually abused as children later become the pedophiles and abusers without limit, thus securing that no one can ever speak up since they’re all in the same bag. Could be a method of control they used for longer than we know. Again, my reasoning being that the Zios (long ago) figured out how to create and weaponize homosexuality, extreme depravity, and pedophilia, which are mental illnesses having to do something with ones childhood where abnormal and deviant behavior was normalized too much leaving the person dazed and confused through development when it comes to natural human behavior. These mental lines being crossed are thin for some people after all.

    It feels a bit out there but considering they are masters of gaslighting and shattering peoples perception of the world to lead them astray, it somehow seems plausible to me.


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